Iceland is a beautiful country and one of the best places on Earth for whale watching. If you want to see these amazing mammals in their natural habitat, you need to take a trip to this northern island. Here are the best places for whale watching in Iceland.

Start in Husavik in the North

Why not go as far north as possible to start? Husavik is one of the most popular locations for whale watching and for pro fishing. While not all whales will want to come up for air, you have the best chance in the whale watching capital of Europe. It’s possible to take speed boat trips out to catching them in action. Around Husavik, you also get the chance to see the puffins of Puffin Island while whale watching!

Arctic Sea tours whale watching

Whale watching

Travel North for Akureyri & Hauganes

Just to the West of Husavik is another popular whale watching location. Akureyri & Hauganes are the places you’ll see some of the commonly forgotten whale species, including the harbour porpoise, along with the popular humpback whales and minke whales. Don’t forget the white beaked dolphins for something a little different, and plan for the beautiful northern lights while there.

Whale watching hauganes

Whale watching hauganes

Take a Tour Around Reykjavik

The capital of Iceland isn’t just popular for its inland sights. You can also take tours to see the various whale species, including orcas, humpbacks, and blue whales.  The best time to visit around here is during April and September, when the water is warmer and the mammals are willing to come to show off more often. There are daily tours to make sure it’s easy to plan your whale watching in Iceland during your vacation.

Whale watching - Special tours

Whale watching – Special tours

It’s time to plan your trip for some whale watching in Iceland. You have many places whether you want to stick to popular tourist areas or go further north.

*Feature image credited to Ambassador Whale watching