Atlantic Puffin

April to August

Atlantic Puffin

— Puffins

Our Atlantic Puffin here in Iceland has 2 brothers and sisters wich are called Horned Puffin & Tufted puffin, they are part of the auk family. Atlantic Puffins arrive in Iceland in April and leave in August, Iceland has the largest Atlantic Puffin colony in the world with 60% of it’s population migrate here. They birds are sea birds and live far away from land until the breeding season, they come ashore and create there nest on or around cliffs.

“Some say they are the clowns of the sea, but in fact they are the masters of the sea since they are very good divers, but are clumsy in air and on land.”

Atlantic Puffin
— Breeding season

Breeding season is the mostly the only time you are able to see the Puffins, since they live out in the ocean for the rest of the year. The male and female look the same way but usually the male is larger than the female, the colors in their beak will get stronger during the season and even more beautiful.

— Best Puffin locations & map

We have created map to see all the locations you can find and see Puffins in Iceland, we advice you to not go to close to disrupt their privacy. The largest colony is in Vestmannaeyjar wich is also very rich in other birdlife, we also recommend Látrabjarg.

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