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This is like your favourite Disney World ride, but without a seatbelt! And just like that ride, you don't need any previous rafting experience to discover for yourself why the East Glacial River has become Iceland's signature whitewater rafting trip.…

For those that just can’t wait to set their foot on a glacier this tour flies you straight to the second largest glacier area in Europe. We will land on Langjökull, Iceland’s visible remains of our last Ice age and experience the calm and quiet of the Icelandic glacier air.…

Reykjanes peninsula is filled with energy and excitement most joyfully witnessed from a birds-eye view.…

This flight offers a magnificent sight of the steam columns from the geothermal wilderness power plants at Nesjavellir and Hellisheiði. Enjoy a unique view of Icelandic tallest waterfall Glymur which can best be seen in all its glory from the air. The flight takes you past historical places such as Ásvellir National Park, the site of the first parliament in Europe where you can see the American and Eurasian tectonic plates pulling apart. We will make a stop at a geothermal spot.…

Stunning aerial views of the capital and its surroundings reveal everything from the colorful rooftops and charmingly untamed city planning to mountains, harsh and beautiful nature and numerous craters that lie hidden around the Reykjavik area.…

Whale watching from Dalvik north Iceland with Arctic Sea Tours is adventure on sea. Great sighting success and five stars on TripAdvisor. Located in picturesque landscape of Eyjafjordur.…

Explore the magnificent mountains and glaciers just a stone´s throw away from Reykjavik.…

As we set sail to reach the whales, our guides – who are locals and highly experienced, will make an effort to make you feel as comfortable as possible. You’ll receive warm overalls and there are blankets on board.…

Enjoy the smooth, safe sailing of a traditional Icelandic oak boat and treat your self to a cup of hot cocoa and traditional Icelandic scones.…

Join us on a exciting tour drop off biking tour that takes place in the volcanic desert of the Reykjanes peninsula. We've got a cool challenging track that starts of easy from the Blue Lagoon parking lot where we head towards our ATV mountain where we take a fun semi-challenging off-road path through the lavafield with majestic sceneries over Grindavík and the coastline.…