Lava beach




√ Spectacular mountain views
√ Black sandy beach and old ruins
√ Gravel mountain road
√ Rugged coastline


We ride to Krísuvík peninsula over the mountain Festarfjall and to the black sandy beach Selatangar where we take a short break before heading back for some more mountain safari. We ride on ATV between lava and black sand and up onto the mountain Hagafell, where we can expect a good view over the Blue Lagoon and the island of Eldey.



ISK 19,900 per person for two people on a bike.
Add ISK 6,000 ISK per bike for a single person.
Add ISK 3,500 ISK for the pick-up service.
Pick-up: 10:15 & 12:15 from your hotel in Keflavík or Reykjavík.
Age limit: 6 years, but driver´s license is required for ATV driver. 50% discount for children under 12.
Minimum: No minumum.
Duration: 5 hours including transport hours.
Includes: 2-hour ATV guided tour.
Optional: Relax in the Blue Lagoon after the ATV tour.

Words from Jónas tour guide

“Our path runs through various lava-fields, our old harbor which is now a recreational area with dramatic shipwrecks and over hundred year old foundations that remain unspoiled and protected for a reminder of the old life. We’ll ride along the coastline through rocky mountain paths taking a left turn for a fun up and down path to a lunarscape-looking valley that reminds you of a Sci-Fi movie scene. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s to drive between 2 mossy volcanic craters then that’s whats going to happen on the way to the black sandy beach! You’ll feel amazed by the sights on the way where you can literally feel the human-voulnerable force our earth can pull up on us. Arriving to the black sandy beach of Selatangar (Sealbay) you’re pretty much back in the viking years. In this area there are old fishing villages from the middle ages where vikings settled in for fishing purposes until 1886. You’ll see foundations of their settlements where they only had carved lava rocks to build their huts and sheds from, using driftwood as rooftops. They have been declared inviolate but are unfortunately a portion of them are getting slowly shattered from vicious wave breaks during high tide. The waves are often really high in this area and follow up with great birdlife, sometimes you’ll even see a curious seal pop up from the ocean to say hello.On the way back you’ll also see sheeps and horses. The Icelandic horses stay outside most of the winter and grow a extra thick fur looking very prideful in their natural habitat. If time is in our favour, we’ll head to the summit of our ATV trailed Mt.Hagafell for a breathtaking 360’ panoramic view overlooking the area! ”
– Jónas tour guide

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