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Reykjavík departureGolden Circle

The most popular tour in Iceland

You can choose your pickup location close to Reykjavík City Center, most of the hotels or gueshouses are listed.
Pickup starts at 8:00 central time so it's best to be ready at that time, pickup usually takes about 5-25 minutes.
Remember to dress according to the weather. Camera and warm clothes are a good start.

National ParkÞingvellir

Here the first laws in Iceland where made.

48 chieftains sat at Logrétta

Tectonic plates, North American and Eursian meet in the national park and create unique forms sculptures and caves. You can walk between the plates or even dive at Silfra, which is every divers dream. Crystal clear water makes Silfra such a nice dive it's amazing. Silfra dive or snorkel tours can be booked here

Geothermal AreaGeysir & Strokkur

Pictures and videos from this location are probably one of the most known in all Iceland, Geysir & Strokkur are the main attractions even tough Strokkur does all the work when it comces to pushing out hot water every 5-7 minutes, since Geysir has bin lying dormant for the past 8 years, he goes to work every once in awhile.

Strokkur sphewing out hot water.

One of the Most powerfull waterfalls in europeGullfoss

Gullfoss is a magnificent waterfall on the river Hvitá, where the white water of the river cascades over a series of step-like barriers stretching from side to side, and then plunges finally over a ledge of very hard rock into a yawning abyss more than a hundred feet deep, whence it throws up clouds of spray that are carried hither and thither as the wind sweeps first this way and then that; so thick is the spray, that one's clothing soon becomes saturated on incautiously getting into it.

Gullfoss in summer

Beutiful at all seasonsGullfoss

Gullfoss is one of the finest waterfalls in Europe, and it is only surpassed in grandeur, if at all, by one or two others in Iceland. The water has carved out a deep gorge in the basalt, and below the falls there are many good specimens of basaltic columns. In the lower part of the gorge there are the picturesque remains of a very fine hard dyke that has a much softer one beside it. These remains are to be seen on both sides of the river, and they have assumed the outline and form of a number of castellated buildings perched high upon prominent peaks. The waterfall is breathtaking both in all seasons..

Walking between tectonic plates is a great expirence and even greater is diving or snorkling in Silfra.

There were some pretty scenes all around the area finding a good spot for picnic her and have late lunch is nice, remember some locations are closed off and you are not allowed to walk on the grass, please view here where you can go for a picnic. And please throw the trash to the bin.

Gullfoss in Winter

Small, but prettyFaxi

Faxi waterfall is a small waterfall but it's very lively since there is alot of salmon in it, you might see some jumping in the right season.


Volcanic CraterKerið

The Crater is 3000 years old and is part of the Westren volcanic zone, the water in the crater has a special color since the materials in the soil color it up, it can be 7-14 meters deep, depending on the weather. You can go down to the crater but it's steep and you must be carefull when climbing down..

300 Years old, Kerið