Deep Drill Project

Iceland deepest whole

Deep Drill Project

— The Project


The project was founded by 3 major energy companies in Iceland. The aim was to drill 4-5km deep hole into the ground, first ever at such depths in Iceland. The main purpose is the find out if it’s economically feasible to extract energy at such depths out of the hydrothermal system. After 3 years of studying the area and many reports later it was decided to drill at Reykjanes. After few test holes and some failed ones the project was successful. Project cost is estimated 8-9 Million US dollars.

—Succesfull project

The milestone was reached 25th of January. The hole is 4659 meters deep and temperature is 427°C with pressure of 340 bars. Normal house hold in Iceland has 4-6 bar pressure of cold water and 2-4 bar of hot water. The drilling operation took 176 days and started 11th August 2016