Cowshed cafe "Kaffí Kú"

Dine at a farm
— The farm

Kaffi Kú is located in Eyjarfjarðarsveit, this place is quite magical since you can drink eat inside a farm, you sit up stairs and you can see the automatic farm work, the cows walk free and you have robots & machines milking and doing most of the labor. You can even go for a tour inside and get up close and personal with the cows and calfs. Cows can walk outside if they want and also inside. They like to be milked and get extra treat when they go inside, the robots handle everything from milking and diagnostic the quality of the milk

—Home made food

Most of what Kaffi Kú offers is home made, even the famous Icelandic Skyr is made on the farm, you can also buy meat and other delicacies, the menu is made by Chef Reynir who worked at a michelin star restaurant in Sweden. You can’t get it more local food than this. I recommend having some milk straight from the farm.


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