With darkness they arrive.

Winter is coming.

For some this is the favorite of the year in Iceland, darkness starts to engluf all and our daylight fades away. Northern lights tours(Aurora tours) start the 1 of September, but maby you have the chance to see some in August, our friends from Hauganes Whale watching got this photo last night(16 of August), bare in mind it’s taken with a camera with long timer but it still could be seen with the “naked” eye. If you want to stay up late and see if you have any chance we recommend you look at the cloud and northern lights weather forecast here. The photo below is from Lilja in Akureyri who also captured the northern lights at the same time.

Aurora Reykjavík

If you don’t have the chance to see them or the weather is not in your favor you can always visit the Aurora Reykjavík center.